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Regenerating oil "GOLD RUSH" 30 ml

  Scinie Gold Regenerating Oil  Rush is a unique product for moisturizing and restoring the skin. This tool  from natural oils of amaranth, apricot kernels, sesame and essential oils of tea tree and squalane,  penetrates deep into the structure of the epidermis, stimulates the process of regeneration and cell renewal, promotes rapid healing of wounds., restore the lipid layer, increase the level of moisture. Ideal for dry  dry  dehydrated skin.

The oil is used for:

Hydration for all skin types

Restoration of the hydrolipid mantle

Treatment and prevention of cracks, wound healing

Relieve irritation and inflammation (with sunburn, rubbing, abrasions)

Scar prevention

Increase skin elasticity (rejuvenating effect)

Achieving maximum effect when polishing feet with podo discs


Natural composition (free of parabens, artificial fragrances, silicones and other additives)

Universality (cosmetic and therapeutic effect). The oil is suitable for skin care on any part of the body, used in manicure and pedicure. Not only moisturizes the skin, but also promotes wound healing

Convenience: quickly absorbed, does not leave a greasy film

In a pedicure, it prolongs the effect of smooth feet up to 3 weeks. You can achieve the perfect result in polishing the feet using pododisks and sponge files from Staleks Pro

High therapeutic efficacy (therapeutic and aesthetic improvement of the skin condition in a short time)

For all skin types, hypoallergenic composition (can be used for eczema and psoriasis)

Profitability in use: convenient dispenser, minimum consumption

Regenerating oil "GOLD RUSH" 30 ml

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